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Hy folks :hello: ...i want to upgrade a bit my pc and i would love some feedback...checked some forums,some people say ''yes'' other says ''no'' sau i've just came here where to december got a lovely surprise like christmas present,i would say a lovely upgrade to my phenom 2 x6 1055t,so here are my new specs:

i7 3930k stock
16 gb ddr3 1600mhz corsair vengeance
2 tb hdd
x79-ud3 mobo
asus xonar D1
coolermaster haf x full tower case
gpu is my old hd 6970
arctic i30 cpu cooler
psu corsair tx 750w

my question is...would i be able to run another 6970 in crossfire on this psu safely?
I do not plan to overclock,however i'm wondering if a 6970 cf will receive some bottleneck regarding the stock speed of the cpu?
thx! :bounce:
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  1. Yes easily...
  2. Yea you shouldn't have a problem.

    Also you won't experience any bottleneck since the 3930k will destroy any game out there. You would have even done ok with a i5 3570k
  3. first of all,thx all for such a quick reply...the CPU was a present from my wife like christmas gift...and i must say i was stunned about his performance,as i already finished diablo 3,MOH warfighter,bf 3 and dishonored...however it's dam' expensive,with about 20 pounds rebate i've got it with 420 pounds from overclockers... :pt1cable:
    good to hear the psu will be fine...a second 6970 should offer me a nice boost increase as i'm waiting for crysis 3...and a used 6970 i can get for about 90-100 pounds...don't need to break the bank this time :D
    I'm out of topic with this one,but i will never go back to amd cpu's...cost far less...but the performance is also quite low in comparation with competition... :bounce:
  4. I'll third the OK for your existing PSU with its 62A +12V rail. Each card will require about 21A at full usage. Just be sure your PSU has the necessary 2 x 6-pin and 2 x 8-pin PCIe pwr cables the 2 HD 6970s will require.
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