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Help With Test Boot

This is my first build and I ran into a problem when I am attempting a test boot( following the newegg video). When I short the power on the motherboard, the fans on the psu, graphics card, and cpu power on. But I dont get any information on my monitor like i am supposed to. I have tried both a DVI and a VGA and dont seem to be having any luck. Here are the parts:


Graphics Card:

I am not sure what the problem is. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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  1. Please list your CPU, Motherboard, PSU and RAM- that will help us determine the problem
  2. did you plug the two 6 pins power cables on the graphic card check all your wirings
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    Agree double check all your power connections (your 24 pin and 6/8 pin on the mobo), your ram is in place correctly and your gpu has power connections
  4. Thank you scout. the second 6 pin power cable was not fully plugged in. But I fixed that and the proper screen showed up on my monitor. Just nervous since its my first build i guess.
  5. great, good luck and have fun
  6. On the newegg video, it shows alot of different information on the monitor. Mine just shows text that says reboot and select the proper boot up device, or something along those lines. Is that right and can I go ahead and put everything into the case?
  7. That is correct, power down and put in the case. Make sure to have your standoffs in the right place and just take your time
  8. Thanks for all the help.
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  10. Yep no problem and good luck
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