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5850 Crossfire vs. 670


I was just wondering what everyone thought of replacing 2 XFX 5850's with 1 Gigabyte 670. Would the overall performance boost be worthwhile? I currently have no issues with micro stuttering, but I am planning on updating my computer and am curious if replacing these would be worth it.



Forgot to mention the other specs:
2500k @ 4.5
Asus Sabertooth P67
Seasonic X-1050 psu
8GB DDR3-1600
Samsung 830 256GB SSD
2x VelociRaptor 300GB RAID 0
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    I would say the 670 would be the better to the two but it is so close in benchs that you probably won't see much increase in preformance. T

    he only way I can show you in comparison is to show the 5850 CF vs the 580 then the 580 vs 670 and you will see how close it is.

    So I would probly keep the 5850's for now and get the best usage out of them and when the games start slowing down then invest in a new card or cards. Good luck to you.

    5850 CF vs 580

    580 vs 670
  2. I never thought of looking at it like that. Thanks!

    Though I may still get a 670 based purely on the BF3 performance difference. I'll try overclocking my 5850's a bit first and see how that works out.

    Thanks DM186!
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