** SOLVED ** _CRT won't WAKEN [Radeon HD-4250] dual monitor / HTPC


I use my {family-room} PC to occasionally stream web-videos
to my HDTV, but normally just use PC with a CRT monitor.
Using AMD VisionEngineControl I was sucessful in alternating from one
to the other monitor and even doing "dupicate 1080" from HDTV to CRT (not pretty!)
Until recently, I was able to "hybrid-sleep" my 'dual-monitor' Win7-PC and
then awake without any problems or issues. then something changed
a few weeks/months back .. not sure when or what changed ... grrr..

This problem is driving me to drink :sleep: ... lol

{the system-specs & config, etc are listed below}

=== PROBLEM ===

So, recently, when I WAKE the PC from a long "sleep" (i.e. overnight), the CRT-monitor
does NOT awaken and remains "black" ... althought the PC is actually fully AWAKE.

NEW : I recently discovered a new symptom,
(which may explain the previous symptom)
--- when I turn-OFF the A/V receiver ...
--- then the CRT-monitor goes to "STAND-BY" & goes dark.
btw: CRT/PC does NOT recover after turning the A/V receiver back-ON!.
(so, the 'long-sleep' may be concurrent with when the TV/rcvr
is turned-OFF )

My current (annoying) work-around is to temporarily,
set the HDTV and A/V receiver to the mode to display PC output,
..wait a few seconds for display-adapter to perform 'handshake w/HDTV' at which time
the CRT will re-AWAKEN & display Windows7 normally.
... I then re-set HDTV/rcvr back to normal TV mode.
The PC-CRT will now work fine ... (till RCVR is turned OFF)

=== HARDWARE ===

AMD FX-6100 / 8Gb G.skill-Sniper F3-12800CL9D (4Gbx2_1.6Ghz)
Gigabyte 880GA-UDH3 {BIOS: FGj} / { recently updated }
CORSAIR TX650 V2 650W / Windows 7 x64 Pro

On-board VID: Radeon HD4250 drvr:v8.970.100.3000 (7/3/2012)
AMD Vision Engine 2012.0704.122.388 (catalyst 12.6)
{ recently updated }

==> primary monitor :

PC: D-Sub(vga) to Philips 109S ( 1600 x 1200 )
-- drvr v. 6.1.7600.16385 (6/21/2006)

==> secondary monitor : (occasionally to view netflix, etc.)
PC:HDMI(out) to A/V receiver (Pioneer VSX-1018AH)
--> video pass-through to HDTV (Sceptre X42BV-FULLHD)


I've tried nearly every W7 pwr setting available
and changed all the settings in AMD Vision engine-control,,

Thanks for assistance ..

I tried to explain as best I could,
but I'm sure there will be questions, feel free...
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  1. :whistle: solved .. sort of ...

    after a number of tests, roll-backs, re-installs, it appears ( imperically )
    that AMD's Catalyst Control ( Vision Engine ?) is the cause of the posted problems.

    So, I COMPLETELY removed/unistalled "ALL" AMD display software/drivers from my Win7x64Pro system. ( using only native W7 display drivers )

    The CRT "Sleep" issue , is gone !.

    I can now turn OFF the HT A/V RCVR to no effect on the CRT display.

    But, Win7 does not provide display "PRESETS" as does the Catalyst s/w.

    So, changing display modes ::: i.e.
    (A) single monitor (primary: CRT 1600x1200)
    (B) dual monitor (primary:HDTV 1920x1080 duplicate to CRT (? x ?)

    .. is more involved than the AMD's "presets" ...

    .. Any suggestions to allow quick W7 display changes
    ( i.e. profiles, shortcuts or presets ???)

    thnx for looking

    O.T. :whistle:
  2. *** > finally, truly SOLVED, really.

    Problem was a 'FAILING' HDMI cable ( 50' Premium Aurum).

    This HDMI-cable problem, eventally became a 'hard-failure' .

    The HDMI cable has since been replaced ( another AURUM 50' "Platinum").

    My dual-monitor & CRT-Wake issues have been resolved by this cable replacement.

    whew !
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