Choosing the correct PSU

After my CX500w died on me i had to choose between two powersupplies :

Xilence 480W redwing.
and the second one is the Advance ATX-5100 480w also, it came with my case

No i can't choose any other ones.

So which of those two is the best to power these 2 builds :

G620 2.6 ghz


C2D 7200
8800 GT

If the xilence will power the G620 build the advance would power the other and vice versa.
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  1. any ideas please?
  2. i am not familiar with either, care to mention the price?
  3. The advance, New : ~40$
    The Xilence, Used : ~20$

    I live in a cheap country so now wonders.
  4. then i'd go for the more expensive one. if you can get a better brand then that would be good. more expensive though but worth it
  5. Well, NEVER skimp on the PSU. I did and needed to buy a new one with my previous one being burnt(CM extreme power plus 600W). I prefer buying Corsair PSU's, they have awesome quality, build with great customer support. Check this page for the recommendation:
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