New build turns on for a second then off again repeatedly

Hi guys,

Just did my first build and i'm already having problems... i have connected everything onto the mobo (disk drive, ssd, gpu) and all power connectors, but when i try turning the computer on to boot windows, it turns on for about a second, then cuts the power. then repeats this cycle until i turn it off at the psu... at first i thought it was the psu, but am starting to think it may be the mobo. any ideas on what is happening? thanks in advance :)

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  1. Read through this. Sounds like the mobo might be shorting out on the case. (did all the screws line up properly etc when you installed it? or was it a hassle?) Follow the steps/suggestions they provided in this forums comments. I'd start with the CMOS battery. Let us know where it goes from there :)

    *edit* would be nice if i gave u the link huh? ;)
  2. i suggest taking the motherboard out of the computer and test it on the bench with only the memory in and video connected - no drives or video card - and see i youcan get into the BIOS

    then let us know if it works
  3. i'll try these ideas when i get home from work guys, thanks. a mate at work suggested that the cpu heatsink may have something to do with it? i may just re-insert the chip again and make sure everything is alright.. will keep you posted :)
  4. right, took out the mobo from the case to make sure it wasnt shorting, and i got the same problem. next i cleared the cmos, and it is still doing the same thing. checked the psu to make sure that isnt the problem, and it is running fine. which basically just leaves either the mobo or ram that is buggered. all items in my build are new though so nothing should be at fault. any other ideas before i take it back to the supplier? (which is 100km's away for me)
  5. Try a couple of different sticks of ram, make sure you have all the right connections plugged in etc. If still a no go i'd say the mobo is DOA :(
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    We have a full checklist for these kinds of problems. If you do everything you should find your answer here:
  7. tried EVERYTHING on that list and nothing has changed. im putting it down to DOA... will have to return the board on monday i guess :( been saving for this build for weeks as well, never owned a tower pc before...
  8. Thanks for all your help guys, really appreciate it :)
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