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I just bought a Coasair GS800 and it makes a loud noise for about 3 seconds when it startups/reboots. I'm looking to replace it with a 850W Seasonic X Series PSU. Does anyone know that it makes that same statup noise? I'm looking for a PSU that turns off it's fan when it's not needed. Thanks.

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  1. just put a corsair ax860i in my pc

    same idea as seasonic x

    the fan only spins once you reach a certain amount of load

    running prime95 on my 2600k at 5ghz didnt trigger it

    or running msi kombustor on my 7970 ghz

    had to run both of those at once to make the fan spin

    reckon i had to draw between 350w and 400w to start the fan

    during normal use the fan hasnt spun at all

    and 7 year warranty :D
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