Windows 7 x64 won't reconize Amd Fx 9320 and Ram

Hello guys.Yesterday I have asambled on my pc a new Montheboard,Ram and processor.But my windows 7 x64 wont see the Ram+Cpu.In Bios they show up.I could instal a fresh version of windows.But the problem iz that i have 400gb of virtual instruments.And to re-install them,will take me weeks.
In control Panel-System at Proccessor and Ram says :"Not avalaible"
In Task Manager-Performance windows show me the Ram and the processor show me as Dual my old processor.

Cand you give a help please!Thank you!
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  1. sorry its AMD FX 8320
    And on a pc of friend of mine that have's win 8.The win 8 have see all 8 cores.
  2. You are REALLY lucky that you were even able to boot-up to WIndows at all after replacing the motherboard (if different from your previous motherboard).

    If you are able to, use the driver disk that came with your new motherboard and install the drivers, especially the "chipset" drivers.
  3. You changed your board and CPU that generally requires a fresh re-installation as the old HAL file contains your prior specs and will cause crashes and instability. I recommend you find someone to help you back up, then re-install Win7
  4. If windows boots, do a repair install. This used to be really easy with XP because windows didn't have to boot. You could do it from a XP cd. That changed since Vista. Now you have to be able to boot into windows to do one. But it sounds like you can boot windows, so.....

    That's how you do it. And it preserves your programs and everything.
  5. You can try downloading your new Motherboard drivers! I switched from an AMD motherboard and CPU to an Intel Z77 board and i5 3570k. On start-up it said gettting things ready for you. Then it booted and all my stuff was still there! No issues!
  6. Actually this its my 3d montheboard on this Windows.First i have'd a Gygabite.Then i have change in AsRock...and now the new one its Asrock alsou.I have install all the drivers from their website.Because in the cd installation the drivers are old.
    Im thinking because windows 7 wont see my processor.i wiil not be able to use all core at maximux

    google can be your friend sometimes. looks like you need to do the sfc scannow.

    I haven't had to mess with anything like this in a while, but i know with xp, you could go to safe mode, delete the multiple entries in the device manager for the items in question, on reboot it reinstalls only the one it needs.
  8. go into MSconfig from the search option in Start button
    click the Boot tab
    then go into Advanced options and see if you are limited there in # of processors
  9. thanks guys for helping me.Really apreciate!
    noob2222 @ I have done all the steps .But in sfcdetails.txt i dont have nothing corrupt
    danny2000 @ i have at "Number of proccessor " 2
  10. I would suggest doing an upgrade install of Windows 7.
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