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Hello, does anyone know what the voltage required to power a coolermaster hyper 212+ is. Currently I am using a thermoelectric cooler and I am using the heat sink with it (vs. using it as a CPU cooler). Since the fan has a four pin connection, which is useless with this project, I (think) I need to know the voltage.

Sorry, I am not experienced with electronics.

Thank You,

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  1. are you trying to use the peltier effect to cool a cpu?
  2. Hello!

    No, I would guess that would be impractical?I am using the peltier effect so I can utilize its "cold side" and I need a heat sink
    to prevent the cooler from overheating. The cold side is going to be used to create a supersaturated vapor. (I could have
    used dry ice, but I chose the peltier cooler so everything stays electronic.)

    Since, this is not going to be used in conjunction with a CPU its 4pin connection is hard to use. I was thinking that I could
    cut the wire and use one of them to connect to the voltage source. I probably will have to research which of the hour wires
    needs to be used.

    Thank You in advance,

  3. there have been attempts to use peltiers for cpu cooling

    but as you say its a bit impractical

    due to--condensation--the amount of power needed for the peltier--and the difficulty cooling the hot side

    think there is a heat sink that uses a peltier--but it switches it on and off to stop it getting too hot so

    the coolings not that great

    would think the 212 fan would be 12v

    but as its a 4 pin fan then pwm comes into it

    some one will come along who will know how to connect it :)
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    its 12v.

    the 4 pins are 12v , ground, speed sensor, pwm

    12v is always supposed to be yellow in a pc.
  5. Hello!


    Pin 1 - Ground - Black
    Pin 2 - 12v - Yellow
    Pin 3 - Sense - Green
    Pin 4 - Control - Blue

    I have a 13.8 V power source (6 amps/8 amps surge).
    So would I hook up this to Pin 1 and Pin 2 to get the
    fan running?
  6. yes but without a pwm signal, the fan will run at full speed.

    I'm not sure what 13.8v will do to the fan designed to run on 12v. Be sure to put a fuse in. 1a should be plenty.
  7. Well, with a little research, I actually found that a 12V (by name) outputs 13.8V.
    Here's the link:
    It is from a forum so it is possible that the information's wrong.

    It is certainly easier than making a simple voltage divider. :)

    As for the pwm signal I guess I will have to try it out. I don't know if full speed
    will be necessary to disperse the heat in a peltier, but maybe a little more speed
    could be fine? (though noisier).


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