Graphics card for 3d rendering 300 W power supply

I am running a home designer software that runs very slow as soon as I click on 3D rendering.

After research I have found that the program requirements is 256 MB of dedicated video Memory.

My current system, DX4850 gateway with 6 GB Ram, 64 bit and open PCI Express X 16 slot currently only has a intregrated graphics card with 1696 MB memory with only 64MB dedicated.

I only have a 300W power supply and I have no desire to change this. It will be beyond my ability to even add a graphics card without needing to learn to change a power supply.

My research of graphics cards never seems to indicate the power supply requirements. I don't want to buy too much video card for my power supply, but at the same time if i'm going to take the time to upgrade, I want it to be worth my while with at least a decent card that will run the softward quickly.

Although this is not a new question, my google search only leads me to old threads and references to video cards that are not longer available, so I need some current suggestions.
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  1. How about this one?

    FirePro V3900

    This is not really a gaming card but will handle your rendering needs. It doesn't need a power connector and will work with a 300W power supply.
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I do have a question, what is it that you look for in a card that makes it good for this application. What I mean by this, is I have seen a 1 gig card for $30 and then I have seen them for a whole lot more then this one.

    No gaming is definately not a requirement. The first time I have even noticed a problem with my video card was this week when I downloaded this simple cad program. i've had no problems with my current system even watching streamed video's or photoshop edits. But I guess 3d rendering has completely different requirements then video streaming.
  3. It is considered a workstation card and is more tailored for professional use rather than gaming oriented cards. So, that means these cards are developed to use the applications more optimally.
  4. I asked Tech support for my software about the Pro Fire card and they stated that it was more suited for a CAD program. Their software utilizes open GL. (I'm just repeating what I am told and understand non of it). They could not recommend anything that could work with a 300 power supply but did say that a simple gaming card would most likely work better with their program. I meet all their system requirements with my computer execept for the 256MB of dedicated video memory.

    They also stated that they have had fewer coplaints with the Nvidia cards then ATI cards working with their software.

    So any Nvidia card suggestions under $100 that work on a 300W power supply that you think would be suitable for 3d.
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  6. Thank you very much for your help. This one seems to have great reviews, budget friendly and meets their minimum requirements. I'll just research to make sure its a simple install and that should do it.
  7. No problem :)

    You can check this video guide on how to install a card, it's really simple. Although, it shows AMD, it applies to all graphics card installs:
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