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Msi Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB question

Hey guys, I was considering buying this card with because I found it for 175 after 20$ MIR (was 170 because of an instant 5 off but I deliberated too long and missed it grrr).

Anyways, the problem is it gets kind of sketchy reviews on newegg ( However, that same card with 2gb gets much better ratings (

Is there any particular reason for this? I would have expected them to be essentially the same card. I wonder if its due to the 1gb model being released earlier and encountering driver issues that some 500 series cards were experiencing earlier on. Do you think I would be ok with getting the 1gb card? Can't find such a bang up deal on the 2gb or I'd just go for that.
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  1. In my opinion, 2GB is becoming a standard for modern games and upcoming games. It may be worth it to buy cards with at least 2GB of VRAM. As for the 1GB, probably that was an unfortunate bad batch they received, they could've used the warranty but instead complained about it. It may also be driver related.

    1 GB would be okay if you are planning to play older games.
  2. Okay, so I probably wouldn't be making a mistake? Or would it better to lurk around for a sale on something else to come around. Any cards you would recommend for a budget of $200? I'm still using my ol 9800 gt so anything would be a nice upgrade at this point.

    And I'm only running a 1600x900 resolution, with no real plans to upgrade my monitor in the foreseeable future, so would 2gb really be that necessary for me? I thought that the extra memory was mostly for high resolution or multiple monitors. I'm pretty new to this so I could be wrong however. Only one build under my belt and that's what I'm in the process of updating right now.

    Speaking of which but kind of off topic, is this a good buy for a PSU?

    I already pulled the trigger to get the $20 instant off, but I can still cancel the order if it isn't a good buy. The other psu I was considering was the tx750, but it was 10 dollars more and didn't get quite as good of ratings (granted it was much more ratings and I generally see corsair universally praised).
  3. I'd get this one
    Corsair Enthusiast Series 750W

    GTX 560 2GB

    Let me know what you think :)
  4. Hm, perhaps I should switch to the corsair, thats the other one I was seriously considering. I mainly got the PCC&C since it was silver rating, considered in the same tier as the TX, cheaper, and better ratings. But in general people say corsair is the better choice. I probably have until morning to cancel the order so I have some serious deciding to do here lol.

    And as far as that card, its not a ti so wouldn't that make it slightly inferior?
  5. I just read my post and I hope that I didn't come off as ungrateful, I really appreciate your help!
  6. No worries, I was considering your $200 budget that's why. You can get the Ti version if your budget allows.
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    I don't know about sketchy reviews. In general, the 1GB MSI card is great. I own it, and bought it based on price/quality. I got it on sale for $200. The 2GB version is better, but the best I could find was $250. ( I live in Taiwan, not Thailand ) That's a big difference to me. The games I run give me high frame rates and high quality settings.

    If you're willing to spend $250 range, then why not AMD 7850.

    I would have bought a 7850, but they were $265+

    Also, why would you need a 750W psu? Are you gonna Crossfire or SLI? Seems like major overkill. With one GPU (such as 7850 or 560Ti) you would need 500W. You could get 550W, but 750W? Why?
  8. I got the 750w since it really wasn't much more than the quality brand 500-600w, since it was an instanct 20 dollars off and 20 mir. Plus with a 7 year warranty and a good track record, I'm hoping I can continue to use it as I either upgrade more things on my current rig or build a completely new one. I'm not doing sli or crossfire now, but I may in the future (sadly I would have to upgrade my mobo, made sure I got one with DDR3 when it first came out but at the sacrifice of 1 express slot). Lastly, I'm a fraidy cat when it comes to psus and OCing, I like to have lots of overhead so I have nothing to worry about. But all in all I guess it is overkill, but for only like 10 dollars more I don't mind.

    Yea those are really nice cards, but currently out of my budget. I'm basically considering to same deal you are, it seems like the best gpu I can get under 200 which is my budget.
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