Frame Rate drops with GTX 550 ti AMP edition

so ive been asking people on forums how to fix this. its new problem. they told me to clean install all drivers. when i try to reintall drivers it says "unable to find compatible hardware". so i really need to know what the next step is.
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  1. what drivers did you uninstall and what tool did you use to do it......... and don't say drive sweeper.

    did you try going to windows update ?
  2. i uninstalled the driver update 301.42. i uninstalled it by going to my device manager in windows.
  3. Uninstall through the installer!
  4. so did i ruin the card
  5. nvidias uninstaller........ i always use add/remove programs.

    been to windows update lately ?

    and if you rebooted the card should have been found.
  6. yea i reinstalled all the new drivers and my fps is bottomed out. ive had this card for 4 months and now i cant even run simple games without horrible fps
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