New built, no video signal

my brother recently upgrade slightly because his old pc was running too slow, but we've been having trouble getting a video signal with the new build.

AMD Athlon ll X3
Biostar N68S3+
MSI R4350
OCZ ModXStream 600W

the system boots, but we just get a 'no video signal' on the monitor. removed the video card and tried it with onboard video, but still no results. the video card card works with his previous setup though. tried breadboarding; we only recieved long continuous beeps when 2 sticks of ram were added.

any ideas for fixing this? thanks in advance.
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  1. Check the VGA Cable connector at the monitor side. It might have come loose when he 'slightly' upgraded his rig.
    Both, the GPU and the IGP are not giving you a signal at the monitor end, chance of having blown both of them are rare, you most probably have a loose end some place.
  2. thanks for the response, but we're pretty sure the problem is still interally-based. we've tested the monitor with 3 other setups and its more than fine.
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