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hi ive got a antec 920 liquid CPU cooler for my fx-8120 and i wanted to know what pwm fans i can replace it with that are really silent with high rpm and doesn't make any humming noises with good about of air flow to and i don't over clock so i think i made a mistake buying this CPU cooler
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  1. i switched it to my case fan but it does a good amout of rpm but it gets hot but the liquad still gets hot can someone help me with this
  2. I would look at possibly remounting the waterblock - if the liquid and CPU are getting hot, it may also be that the pump is not functioning properly. Try a remount with the waterblock (you'll need new TIM for that), see if that doesn't help.
    Good luck
  3. well i put back on the origtial fan just one of them with one case fan and the temps dropped i also added new thermal paste to it aswell but o well better then nothing
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