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Originally, when I first began planning my new PC build, I had been thinking about buying a Radeon 6850. Then I was suggested that I should get a 7850 instead, and for the price, I was a bit leery. I mean, I didn't think I'd need something that good, but given the fact that I do plan to get an HD display at some point (1080p rather than the 720p on my TV) to play my games on, I figured getting that would be a good idea.

However, now that I've purchased my SeaSonic 520w m12ii PSU (bronze certified), I'm curious. Is that going to be enough to power a 7850, and if not, should I switch to a 7750 or 7770 instead? I don't really want to pay more than $250, and I'd definitely prefer somewhere under $200 (which is likely just something to tide me over until the next tax return, when I'll probably get a more powerful PSU and graphic card). I know that a 7850 isn't likely to be found under $200, of course, but I'm about to receive the PSU tomorrow and I don't really want to return it if I don't have to. I originally thought it could handle the 7850, but if I'm planning to OC at some point, maybe I shouldn't OC for a while.

There'll be 3 fans, a DVD burner, an i5-3570k CPU, an SSD and an older 250gb HDD installed (not including the video card). I'm not familiar with how much power everything will draw from the PSU, but the two calculators I've used so far have suggested between 322w and 399w, including the 7850. Does it sound like the PSU can handle it, or should I err on the side of caution and try something like a 7770 instead?
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  1. You might find this hard to believe but they draw about the same amount of power. (~130W) The Seasonic 520 will do fine.
  2. wait a little longer, NVIDIA will have its "Power economics" GPU's coming out which can do the "run with less power requirement" like AMD's 7770 and 7750.

    All in all, if you wanna get AMD, 520 watts is more than enough head room. Just don't do crossfire
  3. Well, I won't be purchasing the GPU immediately (sometime after August, most likely). I plan to purchase one by November, however. Plenty of time for newer stuff to come out. This was really just to ensure that I could get a 7850 for the PC, using the PSU that I've already bought. I'll just make sure not to do much (if any) overclocking until after I get a PSU with a higher capacity.
  4. Get the best you can with the money you have... if you only have around 120$ at the time a good Corsair TX 750 watt won't let you down. if you got less money cooler master has some 750 or 850 watt psu's (bronze) for less
  5. Nvidia's 7770 and 7750 cards are already out. (GT640) We are waiting for the replacements for the GTX560 now.
  6. well the GTX 650 is gonna be a 7770 competer and the GTX 660 are gonna go head to head with a 7850 and a 7870 will be against the GTX 660 ti
  7. Well, I already have the 520w SeaSonic PSU, so I'm gonna stick with that for a while, I think. I don't plan to SLI or Crossfire or anything like that. As for the new GTX video cards... well, if their power usage is lower than the ones I've seen in the benchmark tests, then I might be interested. When are the new ones expected to be released?

    I'm really looking for a decent video card that can at least provide High graphic detail in a game like Star Wars: The Old Republic. From what I can tell, the 7850 can basically max out the game (according to what I've managed to find on the 'net)- which would be nice, but isn't completely necessary for me. The other issue I have is the power requirement; I'm not so worried about heat or noise, for that matter. If there's a card that's cheaper than the 7850 (and equivalent) that could provide a High graphical setting, I'd be quite interested. I really don't have any other high system requirement games (definitely nothing that's very current, at any rate).
  8. A GTX 560 ti 448 core will be good enough also around pricing of a 7850. If you want cheaper a 7770 radeon for now us your best option until NVIDIA comes out with they're next weapons
  9. Hm... Is there a video card with capabilities somewhere between a 7770 and a 7850 that doesn't take more than, say, 130w to work with?
  10. dude, your psi can handle any single gpu on the market. Most people that worry about a power saving card has a 400 watt or less power supply
  11. Really? Huh. Well, alright then. I really wasn't sure about that (especially GPUs under a load).
  12. the highest end video cards like the 480 or 580. The gtx 680 isn't as power consuming
  13. 6870. Nvidia options include the GTX560(TI). They will all run fine on your PSU and perform better then the 7770. 7850 is great if you can afford it, but if not these cards should do.
  14. Thank you. It looks like the gtx 560 ti is a little more than I'd want to spend, but I'll keep an eye on them as well- a good deal at newegg would probably bring one down to a price I can more easily afford.
  15. ok tell us how much your willing to spend. Sit and think real hard what you price range is
  16. I'd be willing to spend up to $200-210 or so. I don't think I need the latest and greatest, but honestly, if I can get a 7850 within that price range (and a rebate isn't too much of a hassle), then I'm willing to go that route. If not, then I can work with something else. Again, I'm not buying one for another month, maybe two, so prices could drop to where I can afford a 7850 a bit more easily. If not, I don't mind getting something else like the GTX 560ti (if they're in that range, that is).
  17. Yea well you may wanna wait till you can afford it. Cause 1080p max settings every game can't be achieved on a low end card. Your gonna need gram and a high performance card. A7850 will be enough
  18. I have a Sapphire 6870 1GB ($170 @, running on a 50" plasma. This card has a higher core clock than a 7850 as well as more stream processors, and should be cheaper. for the money it's a powerhouse. I play Metro 2033 on high, Dead Space 2 max, and Witcher 2 on high with very little problems except in extremely instense situatons. Jus make sure if you go with an ATI card to download Catalyst 12.6. it's much more stable than previous Catalyst versions.
  19. I'm sorry what? since when does a 6850 have MORE stream processors than a 7850...
  20. Considering they are built on completely different arch's even if the 6850 had more it wouldn't matter. One is VLIW5 while the other is GCN.
  21. Yea the 7850 is better
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