Gtx 550 compatiability

my configuration>
asus P5QPL-AM

2 gb ddr2 ram.
pentium dual core clocked at 2.8 ghz.
a powersupply unit of 400 watt.

I want to buy a gtx 550 ti 1gb ddr 5.
now i know that my motherboard supports this card but i have doubts with the PSU! will the exixting one able to hold the wrath of gtx 550 or do i get to need a new one.
If i have to which one should i get?(there are some compatiability issue of psu's in regard to the pins it uses to get connected to the motherboard) keeping that in mind...please help. it will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You're cpu will bottleneck the 550ti.
  2. how why ?? please explain..
    no other solution other than buying a new cpu?
  3. Overclocking would help, a little.
  4. THANKS. AND about the PSu..whichone do i get?
  5. and how i know if my above mentioned mother board has all the necessary circuit points for a new high powered PSU!
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