FPS drops considerably after 5 or so mins

Hey all,

I'm having a problem with my setup, first things first;

i7 3770k clocked to 4.0ghz
asrock extreme9 mobo
32gig corsair vengsance 1866 ram
3x evga gtx 670 sc 4gb
corsair psu 1200w
samsung ssd 256g
3tb hdd
3x ASUS vg278h

latest nvidia drivers installed (310.90)

I seem to get good performance for about 5 mins then framerate drops by roughly half.

(example) Farcry 3 will run high settings 2d surround 60+ fps for 5 mins then drop to 30 - 35 fps

Temps don't get much higher than 70 degrees although usage does seem to be up and down on all cards

I am new to multi monitor and sli gaming so If more info is needed please tell me rather than flame.

Any help is very much appreciated as I paid a sh*tload of $$$ for what I thought would be a beast of a pc.

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  1. Sounds like thermal throttling.

    Make sure the heatsinks on your GPU and CPU are tight. Take them off and then re attach them.

    Also, check your thermal paste for air pockets

    Try with only 1 GPU
  2. 70 degrees is when gtx 6xx cards start throttling down i believe, although i wouldnt expect that muc of a performance drop. Are you running the stock CPU cooler? if so, that would be your problem. the i7 wont run cool on stock clocks, let alone overclocked on the stock cooler. it will overheat and throttle back.
  3. I use corsair h80 cpu cooler
  4. Also set my gpu fans to max
  5. I just realised all my fans are set on intake, could this be the issue?
  6. Actually no there is a fan set to exhaust
  7. Your CPU is probably thermally throttling at that clock speed.

    Bring it back to 3.733 GHz and see if it can last for an hour.

    Then raise it gradually
  8. Set one more fan to exaust.

    Clean your heatsinks.

    Reseat your heatsinks, maybe fresh paste?

    Try dropping your OC alil bit.
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