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Having a weird issue with my new build. Whenever there's a combination of sound playing and network activity, my mouse and keyboard get laggy. So streaming something on youtube or playing an MMO both cause lag but playing a single-player game or a song from my hard drive doesn't. Furthermore, the lag is more severe when I'm connected to a 5ghz network than a 2.4 ghz network. I have a wireless mouse + keyboard so I figured it was an interference issue, but if I mute the speakers the lag goes away, and that shouldn't affect the network traffic. I have tried both a sound card and the onboard sound from my motherboard; same issue. I do not get issues if I use a wired mouse; I don't have a wired keyboard to check.

The issue started after a recent update; I changed my motherboard, processor, OS, and networking. Here's what I am using:

Logitech Wave Cordless Keyboard and LX8 Cordless Mouse
AS Rock Z77 Extreme 4 Motherboard
Core i5-3470
Asus Xonar DX
Asus Black Diamond Dual Band USB Wireless N Adapter
Windows 8

Has anyone seen similar issues / any thoughts on what I could try? Thanks.
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  1. Maybe it's windows 8 fault. Win 8 somehow manages to work without the mobo drivers. Try reverting the changes form last update. Then tell us what you see.
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