GTX 480 vs GTX 570

Alrighty, in the next few weeks I'll most likely be upgrading gpu's. I'll finally be able to afford one of these two cards after my mom and I do our yearly craigslist sell-a-thon. (she's giving me 30% of the earnings)

I just want to know what most people will recommend, between the 480 and 570.

Most GTX 480's go around $180 on craigslist, and 570's are roughly 200 dollars.

I'll be using one of these cards for folding and gaming, now that my 550ti can't handle Future Soldier with eyecandy effects :P
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  1. Well, according to a lot of benchmarks and what people say, the 570 is only slightly better. But it consumes less power, produces less heat and is less noisy. So if you care about that go with a 570. However, I don't know if the extra 256 megs on the 480 will help with folding and AA in games a lot.
  2. 480 all of the way, I had a thread that explained why. Lots of posts. Ill post again when I find it.

    What I do remember is that the 480 costs about 70-100$ less, and trades blows with the 570 depending on the title. As a friend of mine pointed out: the 480 will kick as much @ss as the 580 when OCed a bit, but will fry eggs while doing it. I find myself very confused when people make their purchases based on power consumption and heat UNLESS they cannot afford a good PSU or have a small/cheap case.
  3. VRAM doesn't matter for Folding@home, my concerns are Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier :)

    It's like BF3 in 3rd person :O

    Well, realistically will there be any differences, power and heat.
  4. amuffin said:
    Well, realistically will there be any differences, power and heat.

    Big time. The 480 runs VERY hot, the hottest/most power hungry in like forever. But as long as you have a decent case you should be fine. Use the 100$ you'll be saving to buy a couple 10$ fans.
  5. Well, I'm thinking of adding the 480 or 570 into my watercooling loop once I get more radiators down the road.

    As you can see, I'm already running a decent number of fans(2 140mm's intake with the side panel on).
  6. I wish I had more money... :lol:

    But you should be fine. I would get the 480, hands down.
  7. Hm, any speculation on the GTX 660?
  8. Will be more expensive than the 480 and should trade blows with it if they keep up how they pump out their chips.
  9. Hm, kind of pricey and will most likely be delivering 570-480 performance.

    Now, back to the 570 vs 480 discussion...
  10. Still for the 480 :lol:.
  11. I'd go for the 570, the 480 may be able to overclock to the point where it's practically a 580, but it produces too much heat in my opinion, and then you'll have to spend that extra money you saved on fans anyway, so your system will be fairly noisy. To be honest though I have sensitive ears so I can't take as much noise as others, so if noise doesn't bother you, go with either card.
  12. gtx 480 performs a bit better.... but the temperature on that card is sure hot specially on heavy graphics load (my friend has it) but I am a bit surprise the card is still alive until now , she play's WoW like 10 hours a day lol...
  13. At stock speeds they are pretty even, with the 570 pulling a little bit ahead most of the time:
  14. I'm going to watercool which one?
  15. GTX 570 if you can find one at a good price at least matching the price of the GTX 480.

    Otherwise, if you can't find one at a good price the GTX 480.
  16. You cannot find a 570 for the same price as the 480. I have checked all over the internet for one (meaning retailers, never buy any part from ebay/craigslist). The price difference from the only EVGA 480 card on sale anymore and another reputable brand 570 is easily 80$ while they trade blows with performance.

    If he is going to watercool the thing, heat will be a nonissue. Get the 480 and don't look back ;).
  17. Get the 480. Save the money, and it is a beast card anyways.
  18. What will be best for future soldier?
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