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Bootmgr is missing

just put together a brand new comp and while installin windows i got the BSOD...then after reboot im stuck at "bootMGR is missing. press atrl+alt+delete to restart"

why did i recieve the bsod and how do i fix the bootmgr problem? i tried booting with and without the cd and it still gave me the same msg. plz help :(
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    Try this: Select the DVD drive as Primary boot device (or hit F12 or F11 depends on MB to bring up a boot menus and select the DVD drive). Once windows Installation disk starts, select repair and see if it can repair your problem.
  2. boot from cd and install the os again
    dont forget to format your drive
  3. ok tht worked for a bit...after pressing "any key" it started to load files then went straight to "starting windows" with the windows logo. after tht i recieve a blank screen. I didn't recieve any thing tht asks me wut to do.

    and on 2nd boot up i think it froze on "starting windows" cuz it sure is taking a long time to load...i can't even tell if its being slow or just froze.
  4. fixxed had to change some bios settings and my comp stopped freezing. booted from cd and bam
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