120mm fan needs 4 pin connection?

I recently purchased a rocketfish 120mm fan at bestbuy (plain stupidity) for $10. The fan needs to be hooked up to a 4 pin fan connector. My motherboard sys fan slots only have 3 pins. I looked on amazon thinking there would be some kind of adapter i could get.. nope. Is there some kind of molex to 4 pin fan connector? i looked and didn't find any.... how am i supposed to hook this fan upto my system? lol.... never buying any rocketfish products again.
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    A 4 pin connector is aPWM(pulse width modulation) controlled fan commonly used for cpu coolers.
    You should be able to plug it into a fan header that only has three pins and it will run at full speed.
  2. It'll work just fine with 3pin.
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