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Graphics card upgrade help

time for a change now, I am running a single monitor setup with 1080p resolution
and I am looking at gtx 680 & gtx 670

the 680 performs a lot more but I read 670 is almost the same? will spending a bit more on a 680 be a better choice?

which one would suit my needs? performance and quality of course in gaming :)

thank you in advance! :love:
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  1. GTX 670 is very closer to the 680.

    if you can afford to get the 680 then it is best for future.
  2. on a single screen, you are better off with a gtx 670. the 100$ premium isnt worth the difference between the two
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    However,Gtx 680 is faster then the 670 at stock clocks and overcloced 670 vs. stock gtx 680 are at almost the same performance.If you have money to spend on gtx 680 without any problem then get otherwise get 670 which is best bang for the buck.I also agree with 'dudewitbow' but if you can afford 680 then why not buy it and then overclock it to get the hell out of it,I'm also purchasing this for my next build.So,you'd better go with gtx 680 if you have money to spend.
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  5. going to purchase a gtx 680 ! thank you everyone!!! I'm so... excited !!! :love:
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