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Hi, im helping my friend choose some parts for his new GAMING build. He will be gaming at 1920x1080, and be doing a little bit of video editing and rendering. The card we have chosen is the 7870 Ghz edition, as this is a slightly budget build. At first i instantly went for the i5, but then i saw this video,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu8Sekdb-IE, just whatch it. The 30 dollars that he will be saving is also nice. So the final question, overall, which CPU performs better with this card gaming at 1920 by 1080.
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  1. The i5 3570 will game better, the FX 8350 will hand the encoding and editing better. They are both good chips.
  2. Go with i5 3570k
  3. i5-3570k
  4. 8350 Is better than I5 in multi Tread application . so gaming I'm recommend 8350. also high oc capable then other and 8cores run at 4.2ghz . high cache then I5. oc upto 4.5ghz in normal watercooler (comes with processor) without worry.
  5. Its a gaming build man 8350 is better ,Games want high cores.77xx is slower so my advise use 7950 $320 or 680.
  6. In general performance they are so similar its academic as to what to get both will do the required job very well.
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