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How does this build look so far? The case is the USB 3.0 version, the PSU I think I could do with a smaller wattage but I'm not sure. I do plan on a modest OC later and will swap out the stock HSF, but that's later. Also there is no SSD, that will be added later on as well, when I have more money to spend on a good SSD. I want to be able to get the system up and running first. I don't play FPS games like COD or BF3, I play MMO games like WoW (quit playing), Runes of Magic, Guild Wars 2.

This system will be a huge leap forward for me coming from an AMD Athlon X2 4000+, 2GB ram and Nvidia 8600GT in the original Thermaltake Armor case. It will also be my first Intel build, so any tips on that or guides would be appreciated. The case I like it looks to have plenty of room, decent cooling and it doesn't look like a transformer. If there's a better case at the same price point with similar lines I'm open to suggestions, but it has to have the HD cages turned 90 degrees for easy removal/install, bottom mounted PSU, clean lines similar to the one I chose, USB 3.0 is not a necessity but would be nice to have. If you suggest a case, no doors please I can't stand doors.

Also I will not be ordering parts until November time frame (just starting new job) so I have time to make changes.
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    nice selection mate..... the core i5 3570K is a solid cpu with more than enough power that any end user would need,let alone understand and the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H is another class component with both crossfire and sli support and not forgetting sata 6gb and usb3.0 ...
    8gb of ram is plenty and allthough the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H can support a max of 32gb it wouldnt make any sense using this much.... im still using 4gb of 1333mhz ram and im only just now considering upgrading to 8gb,and not because i need it but before it starts to go up in price.( you can get 8gb 1333mhz ram for under £35.. enough said )
    the Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 is another excellent choice,and one of the best mid to high end cards around...with the magic 1ghz core clock and 2gb of gddr5 memory running at 5000mhz effective this will run anything you throw at it and the 1280 stream processors and 28nm gpu complete what is a premium peice of hardware
    in regards to storage the 1tb seagate barracuda is a reliable hard drive which wont let you down but why not include a SSD..? 128gb solid state drives are at rock bottom prices... in the uk you can pick up a 128gb OCZ vertex for just £54 ... compare this to over £140 just 6 months ago and you can see why its a good time to buy... infact at these crazy prices a raid0 array would be ideal and result in insane read/write speeds..... if you have a spare 500gb sata drive then you could use this for data/storage for now..... worth considering
    the coolermaster CM690 is one of my favourite cases,period..... it has all the style of more expensive corsair carbide and obsidian range but at a much lower price... also the CM690 is really easy to mod... and it also shows off led fans and cathods well.. even with a non windowed version .... a solid choice
    the corsair 650w psu .. well what can you say... reliable,stable and will last you significantly longer than the other components..... and theres loads of connectors and 80+ certification plus a solid single +12v rail this has the power to run all the chosen components and much much more ...
    the lite on dvdrw optical drive is a reliable drive... at the end of the day it will do its job ... however in my experience even the most expensive drives have a 2 year life span ..... but a good choice
    finally you cant go wrong with logitech peripherals .... and your choice is good...personally i prefer wired mice and keyboards but thats because of my experience with wireless peripherals... that said they have come a long way since wireless mice and keyboards were first introduced so you shouldnt have any probs
    and to finish windows 7 home premium (64bit ) is a tried and tested os... and with the awful windows 8 due to be released its probally the most stable operating system currently avalible
    overall a great choice and the total price is impressive considering the quality of components.... as a guess a pre built system using the same components would probally cost in excess of £1600 so this is why building your own rig is the way to go....
    all the best mate with the build .. any probs let me know
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