My cheap gaming build for under $580 (Without HDD and optical drive)

What do you guys think.
Is their anyway to cut the cost further.
I need crossfire so I chose a motherboard with an intel z77 chipset.
and I have this GPu already:





From what I have heard the 2500k is better to overclock then the sandy bridge one.

Total with promo and shipping is $565.94

Also about my GPu I can't find the same one online anymore can I crossfire with another GPu that's also a Radeon HD 5750.

I don't really know how GPu's work so I need help with that.
Or should I skip crossfire all together, and cut the costs from the psu and mobo?

I don't game a lot but when I do I want it to run great.
Also I hate noise when I watch Movies through my comp.

I'll add an ssd and more ram latter.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. Anyone? I need to order this soon...
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