Problem: Oboard GFX & SLI setup for dual screen

Hey all,

Since I have an onboard GFX card and a SLI system I want to set 1 screen to my onboard GFX card so I can browse the net & watch movies, while my other screen has a SLI system dedicated to it for games.

Is this setup possible? Because how it is now my games are starting up on the onboard GFX screen and not to the other one.

With Nvidia control panel I can't setup multiple displays because only 1 is connected to the GFX Cards and thus it's the primary screen.

Going to the onboard GFX options, the other screen is also primary.

I'm using this setup now and it works normally, except that the games are starting up on the wrong screen.
I checked all settings I found and I cannot find how I can say on which screen (or GFX card) a game should start up on.

Thanks for reading & I hope someone can help me with this issue.
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  1. does your motherboard support lucid virtu mpv? because that's the only way to run the igfx and discrete gfx together

    and also, you won't be able to do surround gaming with an intel igfx if i remember correctly
  2. Yeah, I have an ASrock ZZ7 Extreme4 so it supports lucid virtu mpv. I'll try this out later, thanks for the help!
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