Upgrading i3 350m to i5 540m

Hi guys,

I have laptop acer aspire 7741G which has core i3 350m. I am now considering upgrading it to i5 540m but I am afraid it may overheat :? I see that the same configuration as mine is offered with i5 480m processor so I suppose the hardware (fan, sink etc) that the laptop has should be good enough to support i5 540m :? Does anybody has any experience upgrading similar processor as mine ? Do you think the laptop would overheat with i5 540m ?

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  1. I generally do not recommend installing a CPU model that was not offered as an option by the manufacturer (Acer in this case). Overheating is one concern, but the other concern is that the laptop's motherboard will not recognize the i5-540m.

    Unless the BIOS can recognize the CPU the laptop will not turn on. Therefore, the i5-540m may not overheat your laptop simply because if the fact it will not even turn on.
  2. This is your laptop but I don't see any CPU support list. Laptops are very limited in what can be upgraded. I would call Acer to be 100 percent sure before you pay anything.

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