PSU voltage Good/Bad?

I have the following PC:

Tbird 800@980
256/133 generic ram
MSI Turbo-r
Radeon 32 SDR AGP
WD 200BB 20GB 7200
DVD Pioneer 106S
S/B Live! 1024
Fop 32-1
3 case fans
Generic 350W PSU

I want to upgrade to a Tbird 1400 and a GF3 and i am planning on o/c both. I will also add a second HDD for raid and possibly a TV Card. IS the 350 Watt PSU i have in my box enough? Or do i need to upgrade to something bigger?

My PSU voltage right now according to MSI PC-Alert are:

Voltage: 0,35
+5v: 5.05 - 5.08
+3.3v: 3.40
+12v: 12.70

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  1. Those voltages only add up to 189w. Are you sure those are right?

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  2. Yes the number are correct. The PC is very stable. I have it o/c for 5 months and it never froze or anything like that. Is it possible for a 350W to give in reality 189? Can 189 power my pc correctly?


    P.S. How do you calculate the Watts for the voltage?
  3. volts x amps = watts

    You were giving me the amps, right?

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  4. Sorry i should have written it in my first post. They are volts. I think that the psu has the amps written on it. I will write the amps later when i finish cleaning my room......

  5. I seem to have the same problem. I just bought a new nobrand 250W case for my Asus A7V motherboard and my thunderbird 900mhz.

    I had no problem with my previous Aopen case with 300Wpower supply, but since i change the case, the Asus PC probe shows that my voltage are very wrong :

    +12 V : +12.43
    +5 V : + 4.83
    +3.3V : + 3.45
    Vcore : + 1.79 so those are +/- ok

    but :
    -5 V : -5.706 V
    -12V : -13.287V.

    Can i change those somewhere ? is my power supply deffect ? My computer keeps freesing, could this be the cause ? (it was already crashing before, i need to reinstall windows).

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  6. Don't ever buy generic PSUs, that's my advice :)
    And especially only a 250w for a Tbird.

    Anyhow, those voltages are pretty normal for what you have. The PSU is not defective, probably just underpowered. Asus Probe has been known to give bad readings, however.

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  7. I've seen systems being built with 350w psu's and a 1.4ghz/GF3. It *WOULD* be nice if amd actually release the amperages the athlon pulls off all the rails at max usage...but they don't, so it's guessing time.

    Everything I've ever read/tried to look up tells me to sweat a 1.4ghz/GF2 Ultra with anything less than a 400W psu, and even then you're pushing the limits if you have a couple of hard disks and a burner.

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