Asus Barebones S1AT5NM10E

Hello, Just want a bit of advice as I have become , for want of a better explanation, stumped.
I am hoping to build a HTPC using this barebones system
I have checked around a bit....and I think my best option would be to install a SSD as a boot drive and use this drive, which I already own, as the main storage for my media

Ok....My questions...
1st. Any opinion on memory...Im looking at 4Gb...2x2 or 4gb stick...What speed can I go for.

2nd. Is the SSD and HDD an option that I can go with, or do I have to put up with just the HDD.

3rd. Is this barebones worth it or are there any other option i.e. different barebones or build myself.
I have put together a few PCs before so the self built "should" be no problem... but you never know.

Im looking at a budget of around 230 euro ($287) for the barebones. 75 euro ($93) for the SSD and around 20 to 30 euro ($25-$37) for the ram depending on configuration online here in Spain. So approx 335 euro ($418). Good deal...Any better options.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. What do you want to use it for? You could build a more powerful system at a similar cost I think.
  2. Sorry...Never said that did I.
    I hope to use it as an XBMC player.
    I want to use it to download using Sabnzbd and Usenet.
    I am hoping to use this PC to Stream my media around my house to several Apple TVs, Xbox 360 and PS3.. but not all on at once. Wireless is not needed.
    This PC will hopefully be on 24/7.
  3. Will these components be better than whats in the Barebones.
  4. By quite a bit. They could be upgraded as well, as it looks like your budget might support a stronger processor than that, even.
    Due to power limitations I wouldn't go beyond this CPU in that case
  5. Also, a similar build could be done with Intel.
  6. What about this then

    Is it worth it with all the bits and pieces that come with it or is it still better going the self build..
    Also I thought the i3 was the way to go for self builds..Is the AMD APU A6-3670K better than the Intel Atom™ D525 thats in the Asus Barebones??? Sorry if that seems like a stupid question but the ammount of processors at the moment is starting to get confusing especially as some processors come with inbuild graphics.
  7. The i3 (35W version) has better power consumption over all, and of course it is a stronger processor. The AMD Llano has better graphics... but perhaps you don't care so much about those.

    So it would depend on cost. Getting a full mini-ITX system is going to give you more features than one of those micro atom boxes, and since the cost is the same it seems to me the best choice.

    The Lano or Sandy Bridge options are going to give the system more flexibility, better multi-tasking. You are much more likely to download, stream, and play movies at the same time with the stronger processors.
  8. So you would go the A6 route
  9. I think so. Looks like you will pay more for a low-power i3. You don't really need the processing power of the i3 and the A6 will allow for some light gaming and OK multi-tasking.
  10. So why does everyone go on about the I3.
  11. As I said, it's a stronger processor. It does not have as strong an integrated graphics processor though. It just depends on what you are doing and how much you want to spend.
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