Help in upgrading.

my pc spec is pentium e5200
asus en210 igb ddr3
2 gb ram
asus p5kpl am ps

i m upgrading and my choices are
intel g620
intel g630
intel g680
intel I3 3220

after upgrading to my cpu and my ram to 4 gb can i play games like farcry 3 at good settings
or please suggest. :sweat: :cry: :heink: :bounce:
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  1. i would get the i3 3220
  2. you will need a grafix card
  3. resin34 said:
    you will need a grafix card

    really should i upgrade it to zotac gt610 2 gb ddr3?
    and intel g630
  4. 610 is not enough for games at all .
    get the I3 and a 7770, 4 gigs of ram and maybe you could play Far cry 3 with decent FPS
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