Is 192 bit a bottleneck for the 660 ti?

I heard the 660 ti is going to have a 192 bit memory bus. The gtx 670 has a 256 bit memory bus. Is the 192 bit bus going to be a bottleneck for the gtx 660 ti?

Any noticable difference on 192 bit vs 256 bit?
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  1. Unlikely and there is more than enough bandwidth as it is but what people are going to notice will be the fill rates.
  2. bandwidth makes difference only on ultra high resolutions and still the difference is negligible.
    for example,gtx 280 has 512 bit memory bus but 256 bit 670 beats it.
    i am not saying that memory bus is the mot crucial factor or least crucial factor but in your case(660 ti),no need to worry.
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