Need a case with clear side panel window

what are some cases with clear side panel window?? i don't want the dark colored window like bitfenix colossus window and also i do not want any fan holes on it
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  1. Mention your budget, mid/full tower and more details to filter as per your needs
  2. i live in malaysia so price might be different there, just give me any case you could think of with clear sied panel, mid tower is enough,need cable management grommets and PSU at bottom
  3. Hmm..Corsair Obsidian Series might just work well for you, though a bit overpriced, they have a load of excellent features..

    Corsair 600T is another option..

    Hmm..I live in India and cant think of any other manufacturer of US reselling here with clear side panel..
  4. Zalman Z9 U3 No fans on the side window as per your request. :)

    They are fairly cheap compared to the other options out there and offer great build quality and alot of the features of much more expensive cases.(maybe even more options)
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