Screen won't show images, but PC works just fine.

So i have read all over the internet, even this site:

The only thing different would be step two, where I cannot plugg in the 4-pin CPU power, althought i put it in where the circle with the X is and it works just fine.

Anyway, a couple of days ago i celaned my pc, like i do every 3-6 months. (Deep clean which means removing everything, motherboard included).

I am no begginer in computer assebly, but neither am i an expert. I have diosassembled my computer about 3-4 times and everything worked just fine until this last time.

I followed the guide linked above and no solution. I doubt my motherboard to be the problem. also the speaker in the motherboard makes no sound. every fan works perfectly. I have an nvidia graphics card thst works just fine as well.. so i would like help thanks./
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  1. Maybe u erased something that u shouldn't erased. If the problem persists only use your Windows Installation disk and re-install windows without to erase the whole hdd, then u should be able to see the images.
  2. I didn't do anything with the software itself, only hardware. I recently updated to windows 7 and when I did the cleaning It prompt me with authentication because my windows was "not genuine". I just left it for another day and then my computer wont show images. I think that the windows 7 not being genuine thing has nothing to do with the computer itself not showing images. It turns on just fine, with no beeps. Anyone else?

    Thanks ascii900
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