Belkin wireless router setup connecting in windows 7

Where do I find View Available Wireless Networks in Windows 7?In XP there is a network icon in system tray to right click but what about Windows 7?
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  1. Is this a laptop of a desktop?
    On my Windows 7 desktop i think it is:
    Start->Control Panel->Network & Sharing Center

    I only have Windows 7 at work and i really can't view that much without having any administrator rights on the system so all it shows me is out work network. But poke around in there and you may be able to fine it. It doesn't seem to have the "view network connections" under the start menu like XP did which was much easier.
  2. If this is a laptop, you can find the available wireless networks by clicking on the connection icon. It lists all the wifi networks...
    Hope this solves your problem...
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