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Hello.. i have a question :).. i wanna buy a new card.. but i don't want to change the motherboard .. cuz i don't really have enough money.. so my question is.. is there a gaming video graphic card for a 945GCM-S2L that would also work with a intel pentium dual cpu e2200 ? That would run dead island .. gta iv .. and medium or high graphics ? b: 300$ ( if the cpu is not good i could buy a new one.. but for 945gcm-s2l as i said.)
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  1. What is your power supply brand and model?
  2. I will buy a : corsair-builder-cx430-v2-400w
  3. Does it matter if it's AMD or Nvidia?
  4. I don't care.. if it does it's job it's good..
  5. What do you think of this one:

    Also, you may want to consider upgrading your CPU as it's one of the best mid-range price-performance cards.
  6. I see that it's good for gaming.. but what cpu should i buy that would work with that and also fit in the 945gcm-s2l :) ?
  7. yup agree with that
    get that q9300 and a hd 7770 or hd 6850
    best of luck!
  8. Hmm .. a little bit too expensive xD both combined.. any combination that is cheap cheaper?
  9. The CPU is a keeper upgrade.

    You can look into the 7770:
  10. I searched on google and some said that a 7770 is better than a 6850.. is that right ? I think i may buy the 7770 but would it do better or slightly not better than a 6850 :)?
  11. Slightly lower than a 6850.
  12. Last question : But it would run gta iv,dead island on high graphics ?
  13. Modified high setting's. And it depends on the resolution, if you are playing at 1920x1080 you may want to lower some high setting's. If lower resolution like 1680x1050, you can play with a more adjusted higher setting.
  14. I will play on 1440 or 1024 :) Thanks for your help .. i know know what to pick .. thanks alot .
  15. Yes, you can definitely play at high settings then :)
  16. fantastik250 said:
    Yes, you can definitely play at high settings then :)

    Thanks ALOT :).
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