Laptop's Fan Starts For 5 Secs At Boot Then Stops.

My friend's laptop Dell Inspiron N5010 has a fan problem. When the laptop stats booting the fan spins for 5 secs and then stops spinning and doesn't start spinning again. But after restart it again spins for 5 secs and stops again. Any help would be appreciated. :D
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  1. i think its battery
  2. Does the fan spins after your friend's laptop finished booting?
    If the laptop still works as usual, there shouldn't be a problem with the laptop. I believe it's normal.
  3. No the fan doesn't spin after boot it stops spinning as soon as the "Starting Windows" screen appear.
  4. Does the laptop successfully load Windows?
  5. Yes.
  6. Then there shouldn't be a problem. I have a laptop which pretty much does the same. So far there's no problem with my laptop and the fan only starts spinning whenever it's necessary.
  7. When a PC boots the fan runs at max power. Once the OS starts loading and power savings kicks in the fan voltage drops and may be inaudible.

    Only if the temps get too high is it a problem. Run HWMonitor and find out how fast the fan is going.
  8. I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 as well with the same problem. The fan runs during boot and in the boot menu but when Windows starts it stops completely. It then overheats and shuts down. I just replaced the fan and it is still happening :(
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