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Ok so I built a computer and ran into problems at first it wold not even start so i figured out it was the power supply. Got a new one and it started every fan spun and lights came on the only problem was that it did not display an image. Talked with the support guy over at EVGA for the graphic card it was an EVGA 560se and he said it was probably the card so I sent it back to newegg for an exchange just got the replacement yesterday and I am still encountering the same problem. The computer turns on and stays on all fans spin including the graphics card fan and all leds light up as well as the cd drive making its typical sounds. I however still do not get any image on the screen. Is it possible I got another bad card or is the motherboard messed up here are my specs

EVGA 560se Nvidia
ASUS M5A97 motherboard
8 gigs ram
500 gb western digital hard drive
620watt rosewill PSU
AMD FX 6core

I have tried every troubleshooting possibility in the book and nothing works. The system gets no beeps at all but the light on the motherboard is a steady green all fans spins all lights work cpu and graphics card fan spin as well. I did notice that my keyboard does not light up when plugged in as it should. Could it be my motherboard I'm having a hard time and any help would be nice thank you in advance
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  1. check all your cable on the motherboard and the gpu card if there plug in correctly one could be loose and not giving power
  2. see if the mb has a bios rev sticker. it take a rev 0805 or higher bios for some of the fx chips. you may have an old bios. you may need to use an older cpu to get the mb to post where you can flash it.
  3. i dont think the bois would be old the board is meant for the am3+ cpu
  4. take a look at your mb cpu guild. look at the cpu it supports and scroll over. it show the bios rev that the cpu will boot at. chech that rev is the one on the mb or the mb box.if it lower then the one needed you need an older cpu to post.
  5. It only says that it supports all the fx series up to 8 cores I am using a six core there is nothing saying anything about bios rev
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