P2 X4 970 BE multiplier stuck at 4


Just installed a used X4 970 BE in my Asus M2N-E board. The multiplier won't go above 4 even when I go into the bios and manually change it. I have also tried turning off CnQ. BIOS is updated to the Beta 5001. I have done a lot of research and can't find an answer to this issue.

I realize the ASUS website doesn't say this cpu is supported but I have looked around and CPU Upgrades,
has it listed as supported. Also read a few posts about it working fine. I'm currently running 32 bit XP but will be upgrading to Win 8 64 bit.
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  1. For instructions on getting an am3 cpu working on that board:

    but I'm not sure you will get an 970 working or not. I thought the board was limited to 125w cpus and the 970 is a 140w part (or so I thought*)

    * thanks for the correction Lazyboy.
  2. Only one of the 965 BE x4s were 140 watts the thuban and deneb are both 125 watts so should be no issue there. Try using the latest bios before the beta, if it supports the 970 without beta
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