gtx670 or dual gtx560s in SLI? (also, monitor advice)

Hey guys,

I am working on a build with either a single gtx670 (potential to add another later) or possibly two 560s in SLI. First of all, which of those do you think will perform better? They are just about equal in price coming in at around $400 (plus or minus $20, makes no difference to me).

Second of all, what kind of monitor (size, resolution, any other relevant specs) would work best with that set up? I've really only used a laptop before, and I've bought myself an HDTV before, but I don't really know much about displays.

Can you give some suggestions? I'd give a budget range, but I have no idea what is reasonable for what sizes. I won't need anything to large, probably just big enough to have proper resolution. Probably no more than $200-$300

Thanks guys!
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  1. Go for the gtx 670 if you're planning on gaming a long time and can spare the extra $100. If you purchase the 560s you'll likely have to replace them in a year or two. The 670 is excellent performance for it's price and still might cost you only $30 more than sli 560s but with about 30% more power.
  2. I also just realized that I might want to add another 670 in the future. Buying a single 670 now allows me more room for adding on in the future!

    Thanks for the help, I'll go with the single card.
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