Will I need an Aftermarket cooler.

I'm building a new computer, I'm already near the max for my budget and I was just wondering, will I need an aftermarket cooler for my CPU, I'll be doing some gaming, admittedly, I do tend to game for quite a few hours at times and I'll be just using the computer for every day use, internet browsing, email, nothing too demanding.

Cpu I'll be using is the Intel Core i5-3570, I will not be overclocking it.
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  1. Just use the stock cooler. As long as you're not overclocking the processor it should be fine.
  2. It will cool the cpu just fine but can be somewhat noisy. If its too loud for you order yourself a nice quiet cooler.

    I've had to change the coolers on all my systems fwiw. Even the fan on my stock x2 240 was too noisy. The stock I3 was no better.
  3. Unless you are looking for a quiet solution or overclocking ou should be able to use the stock cooler without a problem. The stock is designed for the normal performance of the processor.
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