Intel pentium M 750 upgrade

I am wanting to upgrading an old Gateway MX 6650 and I want to go from a Pentium M 750 to a Pentium M 780 with a 2BG RAM upgrade.
Is this a good choice? I also want to upgrade the wireless card or would that be a wsste of $$
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Upgrading a CPU in a laptop is not usually recommended, few are made to accommodate that. In this case I will recommend against it too. There are a few issues I've found which makes me think it will not be worthwhile. 1) Gateway documentation for your computer shows no other CPU listed for sub-models which means you would have to research where to obtain a BIOS that will work... if you get it wrong, you're done. 2) Although the PM 750 comes in a replaceble PGA model, I believe yours is BGA which means it is soldered to the motherboard.
    Here's your support documents
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