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hi. recently my computers been acting up. Once in a while, my computer comes out of sleep mode without me doing anything. And other times, it wont come out of sleep mode even though i press the keyboard, move the mouse, or press the power button on my computer. Its only been happening recently. Anyone know what may be causing this?

thanks! :)
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  1. Most likely it is a windows update that has caused the problem. If you try going in and completely resetting the sleep/power settings and save, restart you comp and then set them back to where you want them, save and restart the computer again it has fixed the problem in the past. You might want to go back into bios and make sure that suspend/sleep to S3 is selected as well.
  2. ok i tried reseeting the sleep power settings and im still getting problems. sometimes the computer wont go to sleep after the set timer and once it woke up as soon as it went to sleep.

    i tried going into bios. i have the uefi and cant find the suspend/sleep mode on it :(

    any other suggestions?
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