Will 7750 be bottlenecked by Althlon X2 5000+?

Slimline HTPC, so LP version of 7750 1gb GDDR5, which VTX have just released...

Athlon X2 5000 @ 2.6ghz* (dual-core, 64-bit, 2x512kb L2 cache)
4gb DDR2 RAM @ 800mhz
Sapphire 5570 1GB DDR3 (currently)
1280x1024 resolution

The system is probably better balanced as it is, but according to hwcompare, there is a pretty big gap in performance.


I read somewhere that the processor load remains static, irrespective of the resolution; so 1280x1024 should give the card plenty to do with Skyrim on High settings, theoretically.

Any thoughts?

*Black Edition, but OC not possible due to ineffective proprietary Dell heatsink and BIOS
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  1. Try it for yourself setup an FPS monitor, and turn of AA, run lowest resolution, and turn down lighting effects, turn off vsync. That should take enough strain off your current GPU to see where your CPU bottle necks itself with skyrim.

    Also, skyrim actually computes shadows on your CPU, turning off shadows (or using simple shadows) may help you out quite a bit in performance. There are likely some other tweaks you can apply to the game to help out your CPU.
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