Hyper 212 evo with gigabyte g41m combo????

okie, em buying 212 evo in next 48hrs, is it possible to fit in the above mentioned motherboard, btw i've a FRONTECH AGILE ATX CABINET(local i guess), with seasonic 520w situated at top corner,

btw my stock HSF is pathetic, cause at idle, temp are above 55+, with 3 runs of intel burn test, it easily reaches even upto whooping 103 degree :((it may even increase but i stop burn test), but if i play games like starcraft 2 @ultra settings on 1080p, temp are at 65(with around 40% load approx)

my bulid
core 2 quad q9300, stock speeds, with stock cooler (old)
gigabyte g41m combo (new)
transcend 4gb ddr3 1333mhz (new)
xfx nvidia 9800gt
segatte 500gb 7200rpm (old)
cabinet with no cooling fans,
monitor 24"

plz give me suggestion, thanx in advance :)
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  1. what you'll need to do is find out if the cooler will fit your your case.
    I cant find any specs on that case so you'll need to measure the disatance from the bottom of your current cooler to the side of your case and see if the 159mm tall evo will fit.
  2. first, i would like to thank for ur time, height of cooler is not em worried about, (178mm in my case) ,but em worried about 120mm dimension( n em not sure from where to where i've to measure

    in the link provided below, for lga 775, there is a asterisk/star, would anyone explain abt that
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    thats just the warning to check with the distrubtor to see which accesories are included. It'll come with the 775 bracket.

    the 120mm is the width of the heatsink. so if you have it blowing from front to rear it will be 60mm above and below the center of the cpu. With the fan on the front of the Evo you may run into issues if you have tall ram sticks in the two banks closest to the cpu.
  4. There is just a smidge of room to clear the ram sticks if they are conventional height. Clearance with that top mounted PSU im not sure u will have to measure.
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