Which gaming laptop should i buy? non-specific

Hi all, my budget is 1500- to 2500. I was thinking a sager, alienware, Ms I, maybe origin PC.

Which do you recommend?
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  1. google a few "best $1500 gaming laptop" type articles. Few people have the chance to really do side by side compares so generally someone posts "should i get this or that" and people say "the second one with stronger video will be better for gaming"

    That said: ASUS G7x series if you're on a budget, Alienware M17x if you're not.
    (stolen from http://www.anandtech.com/show/6173/ibuypower-valkyrie-cz17-notebook-review-msi-and-ibuypower-tangle-with-alienware)
  2. Quote:
    Sager is a relative unknown in the nongaming world. Serious gamers always want the absolute cutting edge in technology. Who can blame them? The excessive power of Sager’s customized laptops pushes on next-gen, prototype level technology. Think time machines or gadgets from the arsenal of James Bond. You won’t see Sager’s quad core capable, SLI ready, futuristic super-laptops on the shelves of your local electronics store. Sager makes laptops for the international secret society of the gaming elite.

    nice post, but OP has not shown any signs of life for over a month. Suggest we let this thread die unless OP shows back up.
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