Question about an FX-Series 8350 processor heatsink.

It seems i've been looking for weeks for a processor for the AM3+ socket but it seems they are all AM3 only with hardly any compatible with the AM3+ written in the compatibility list. I would like an atheistically appealing heatsink.

Some of the ones that say AM3 but not AM3+ are these here that I like.



Are there any other heatsinks out there that are both efficient and aesthetically appealing?
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    if it says am3 it will (most likely) fit on an am2, am2+, am3 and am3+ CPU :)
  2. what is the difference in the 3 and the 3+ besides the extra pin on the cpu.?
  3. Nothing that would concern heatsink mounting
  4. I honestly don't know, I just know this because I had the same question earlier :)
  5. I would like an atheistically appealing heatsink. any ideas?
    - ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+
    - fx 8320
    - G.SKILL Ares Series 8GB
    - Seasonic PLATINUM-860 ATX 860 Power Supply
    - sound blaster recon
  6. cooler master V8, the most sexy cpu heatsink+fan out there if you ask me...
  7. i love the v8
  8. I've got a Cooler Master hyper 212+ on an AMD FX-8120 and it works just fine. Looks fine, performs as advertised, and can be had for about $25-$30.

    The stock fan/heatsink was a joke.
    I like copper and leds !!
  10. any cool ideas?
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