Electrical buzzing coming from computer when playing games.

Hi, so the title pretty well says it all. When I'm just messing around in Windows, the computer is essentially silent other than the fans. When I fire up a game (such as Guild Wars 2) a buzzing sound starts. I just built this computer last night, is this something I should worry about. Should I RMA the part that's causing it?

It may be coming from my GPU or PSU, I'm going to try and isolate the sound now though.

PSU: Corsair HX650
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon 7970 Ghz Edition (1100mHz core clock)
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  1. It could be "coil whine". I had a Corsair builder series do it with a GTX 560 video card.

    During the passmark graphics test, it would make a noise that had a doppler-effect as the jets flew around the mountain.

    Run something that has a consistent (repetitive) GPU load like a benchmark or Kombustor stress test, and then get your ear close to the computer and try and pinpoint the source by ear.

    I suppose the graphics card itself could make the noise too, but in my case it was the PSU.

    When I was researching coil whine, I found that enabling v-sync "fixed" the issue for some people.
    (I RMA'd my PSU)
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