PC keeps rebooting at random times due to PSU

So my PC kept rebooting at total random times. It could be 5 secs after i power it up or even hours or days of use before it rebooted. It also had nothing to do with " stressing " the computer.. As i said it could be 5 secs after powering it up or when the pc was idle without any task running in the background.
So after doing some research i came to the conclusion that it was either the mobo or the psu.

Today i changed my psu and my pc is working just fine...

So the point of this thread is.. is it possible to fix my faulty old PSU?? Is it common that PSUs fail like that? What could possibly make the PSU lose power at random times?

Also something i forgot to mention is that my pc has been experiencing these kind of reboots since the very beginning, when it was a brand new PC, that was 3.5 years ago. The reason i managed to use it until now its because it happened maybe 1-2 days and then it wouldnt happen for like 4 months.. but then again i couldnt use the pc for 1-2 days.. In the last couple of days the reboots were getting worse so i decided to use a PSU i had from another rig..
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  1. sorry for using the word "rebooting " .. its more like losing power and then trying to start again,,
    Also the new cpu is exactly the same power than the old : 500w.. so the possibility of the old cpu not being powerful enough to sustain my pc is also impossible...
    Old psu was an antec : bpu500
    new psu is a CM 500w too
  2. All 500W power supplies are not equally powerful. The most important thing is how much current it can deliver on the 12V rail(s).

    It might be possible to repair your old power supply, but it would be difficult and definitely not worth the effort unless you're great with a soldering iron.

    Your new power supply may also be of low quality. Cooler Master are not known for quality power supplies.
  3. how can i check the current that my bpu500 deliver on the 12v rail?

    Also, youre saying that is more likely the antec psu wasnt enough powerful than it is broken.. So in theory if i use my antec on a computer with less power consumption the antec psu will work just fine?? It kind of make sense,, since as i highlighted in the original post this issue also happened when the psu was brand new...
  4. And i know that CM is not the best PSU suppliers but im poor lol...
    My pc is a
    q6700, 4gb ram, ati 4890, and two sata hdds one dvd drive.. 500w should be enough for this one right?
  5. bump
  6. Yeah 500w should be enough.
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