ATI 5770 not enough for three displays? Recomend upgrade?

I'm currently using an ATI Radeon 5770 for my graphics card. It's powering three monitors. A 1920x1080 display and 2 1280x1024 displays. I've recently been encountering slow downs when I have things going on all displays at once. When I look at the GPU activity in the AMD OverDrive panel of the AMD VISION control center the activity is always low. Could it be the card is running out of video RAM? If so how could I check this?

The card works great for video games. I see no reason to upgrade it at this point for that since the games I do play are at least a few years old. This 2D problem is starting to get on my nerves though.

I'm planning on upgrading to three 1900x1200 displays in the near future. what would be a good card to upgrade to considering the 5770 is plenty fast for 3D for me and most of my work is done in windows?

I MUST have a card that can display three separate images at once. Two won't cut it and uing two cards for three displays makes weird things happen in windows.
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  1. You can check video RAM usage with MSI Afterburner:

    I doubt it is the card. It might be your CPU though, did you check its usage? And what exactly do you have going on the screens when it slows down?
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