Computer won't boot with Graphics card installed?

I recently shipped my computer to college last week (ASU! Go Sundevils!), but when I tried to power on my computer, the fans would spin and leds light up, but nothing else would happen; blank screen. To troubleshoot, I disassembled the entire rig and put it back together, but no progress. Then, on a whim, I tried booting without my graphics card, and the computer started and ran normally. So my question is, why has this occured? Is my GPU broken, or the PCI slot, or the power connector? How would you go about testing this?

Thanks, Kevin

Specs: 3570K (watercooled), AsRock Z77 Pro4-M, 8gigs GSkill Sniper RAM, Sapphire 6950 , 2 OCZ SSDs, 500gig Samsung F3, 520W Antec HCG, Some random ODD, Silverstone TJ08
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  1. thread bump!!!

    I have had this same problem today! The only difference i had is that after i removed the graphics card it booted, so i tried reconnecting the card and then it booted with it in! Why did this happen?! Help appreciated!
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